What’s Your Price Review

  • 9.6/10
    Interface - 9.6/10
  • 9.5/10
    Features - 9.5/10
  • 9.6/10
    Users - 9.6/10
  • 9.5/10
    Price - 9.5/10


Pros & Cons

✔ Sign up free;

✔ Sending messages free;

✔ Hundreds of thousands of real profiles.

✖ Excess of ads;

✖ No online customer support.

What’s Your Price

What’s Your Price is an adult dating site that was launched in 2010 by Brandon Wade. One who don’t have any idea about the site, it is a fun site that turns dating into a game. The gets the user straight to the point for the purpose they are here. Instead like the other side, the user doesn’t need to exchange useless messages. There are bids held on the site that decides what sort of offer he/she is going to have. The person who takes the part in the bid is liable for paying the amount during the date, including all the expenses.

What's Your Price Review



The website claims that on an average note, the site just takes three days to find a date.

What’s Your Price Sign Up

One can easily register on whats your price. The registration is free and requires only some steps. The user also needs to sign up to bid for dates. The site asks for some basic information and one needs to complete it to enter into it. There features that are available to edit the information later.

When the registration is in process, there are a total of two questions that will be presented and they are, one related to gender and other related to your purpose on this site. There are options available from which you can be one, either pay for the date or bid for dates.

After all this is done, the site gives access to the user. There will be a banner presented on top that will be continuously asking the user to confirm his email address and start browsing the site.

If the user wishes to complete all his details of the profile then he will be brought to the page where he needs to provide all information. The user needs to provide information relating to his location, physical characteristics, body type, education, income, and others. Once the user has provided the information then he does not need to worry about changing it.

Making Contacts

The user needs to complete the registration to enjoy maximum features including messaging. The user can send winks for free and start bidding with the minimum amount of $5. The one who receives the amount from the bid has no limitation on his earnings.

Even if a man wants to get paid for dates, he can get at least one bid in a week. The women, after receiving the bids can also offer their amount and the user has to pay it if wants to have a date. The results on the site are mostly for quick dating but love might may also come up.

The Profiles Quality

The user needs to describe himself in more than 20 characters to attract more visitors. Profile information is very detailed. The members of the site need to answer each question related to body type and all. The user can choose the type of interest he is looking for such as dating, friendship, long term affair, etc. What’s your price site has to get its user one of the most calm and real dating services. Putting accurate information about the user is also a part of it.

Design of The Site

Like all other dating sites, what’s your price also has minimum design. After providing the services even after 10 years, the layout of the site looks modern and updated. The homepage of the site shows the people who are online near their area. There are four extra functions and they are related to the bids, search options, favorites, and user’s messages. The interface of the is easy and straightforward for the users. What’s your price promises its user to find their first date.

Any Extra Features?

There are no additional features on the site and it provides maximum transparency to the users. We have discussed almost all the features of the site above and apart from that, there are no features that make the site more unique. The site is simple and working on its motto to help the users find their first date easily. The only function on the site is making a profile and then bidding to start chatting with the users.

Is Whats Your Price Real?

Many users have serious concerns related to reality and transparency of the site. Well, this question is a must by the user since there are many dating sites running who claim to be real but are actually full of bots and provide a threat for user’s personal information. What’s Your Price is launched by the creators of a trusted site. Besides this, the site has been featured by many news and international media such as Forbes, Today, Daily Mail, etc.

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Safety Measures

The site is very safe. It looks after the privacies of their users very well. Any sort of profile is not damaged by the site. There are no money scams since the user of the site go on date and make payment offline. The user should keep in mind the precautions he should make during his first date. The site is really safe for using and one can enjoy dating without taking any tensions.

Final Words

What’s Your Price is a free dating website. The user can enjoy dating and messaging just by giving simple money. The feature of the bid is also available that lets the user to have feature according to the bid he made. This bid is really very fair in terms of services. The site is safe and has a simple layout. Enjoying dating, friendships, and building relationships in Best Hookup Review .

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