Fuckswipe Review

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If any user is interested to have a serious hookup or want to have a quick serious hookup then they need to check Fuckswipe. It is a website that helps the user to find a match locally or living close to one another. The user just needs to fill the form and the services are ready for the user.
It will find a match in the local area near them. It is a clear site that has a simple motto that if you are here then you need a hookup or any sexual activity.

Logging In Fuckwipe

The sign-up process of the site is simple and involves a few questions that the user needs to answer honestly. There are four basic questions involved. The first is, the user man or woman should inform that they are here and looking for a match. After completing this, the user should
enter the birth date. The third step includes a good password and a decent username of the user. The last step is all about the email address. The email should be valid as it helps the site to confirm that the user is real.

The user can also write a small intro about them. There are a few questions further also that include the marital status of the user, body type, gender, and race. After completing this, the site asks about the user’s location. The location can be later also if the user wishes. Not to forget zip
code, it is mandatory for the site. After the registration process is completed, the site takes the user to the payment page.

Interface of the Site

The interface of the site is simple and the user can choose the person to start the communication. There are places for men and women. The user can find any gender for hookup and start the communication with them. The user can chat with anyone on the site including the bot named as “Love Stars”. There are many different features available with different tabs that make the site a bit complex.


There are many payment opportunities available on the site. The user cannot get access to the site till he/she make pay anything for the membership. A three day trial period is available that costs just $2,97. The cost for one month subscription costs around $29.95 that is very
affordable as compared to other’s site services. If the user wishes to take the membership for around three months then the cost decreases more and the standing amount is just $24.95 per month and for six months it decreases more and the cost is about $19.95 per month.

If any user is looking for a free account then it is very heartbreaking to you that there is no free account available on this site. Every user needs to buy at least a three-day trial that costs $2.97. There are several reasons for it and one of the reasons is that this removes the chances of scam. The people who are serious about the communication and hookups can be only here.

Advantages of the Premium Account

The premium account gives the user all the available options. Without a paid account, any user cannot reach and avail all services. With a premium account, the level of security and services is also increased. It gives a sort of guarantee to the user that anything that violates the rule will not be done.

With the help of a premium account, the user can perform advance search and there are no limitations to it. The user can also watch video chat and do chatting. Premium membership also grants access to thousands of naughty videos and this the reason why the users use this site’s
services most.

Types of Members on the Site

There is only one type of membership available on the site and the user needs to avail only that. The user needs to pay for the services for creating an account. The page of the payment is in front of the users once the registration process is done and the user cannot skip that. This simply means if the user is here then he/she need to pay for the services.

The users can send gifts and have flirtings. The user can also comment on the videos. A feature of ‘chatroom’ is also available where the user can watch streaming and comment on it. The user can also have private chat sessions.

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As the site provide features only to the paid members, the chances of fraud and scam becomes very less. The paid membership makes the environment safe. The user cannot share their private information such as date of birth and other things with another user. Besides all this, the
user cannot share credit card details and other data.

If the user is indulged in any sort of chatting and the person asks for money from front then it is considered as illegal as per the rules of the site and the user can report that person. The customer support of the site is also very good and if any question hits then the site staff is quick in answering it.


Overall the site is genuine and real. Real photos and videos are streaming all over the site. The user can not only enjoy the content but can also take part in video chats and text chatting. If the user is having paid or premium membership then the chances of scam become nil or zero. The
experience from the site is secure and features are all updated. The site is worth trying Best Hookup Review ….

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